Williams Plaza

Location: 2041 NW Everett St. Portland, OR 97209

Completed November 2020

Williams Plaza is a nine story public housing community with 101 studio and one-bedroom homes, serving low-income persons with disabilities. Renovations to Williams Plaza were part of Home Forward’s 85 Stories Initiative to preserve their existing portfolio of rent-assisted homes. Renovations were completed simultaneously with Medallion Apartments.

While most households were able to stay in other units within the same building during a seven-week seven week temporary relocation, some took other options: to move out permanently; to move temporarily to another property for the entire duration of the construction project; to stay with family or friends; or into other temporary lodging arrangements meeting a tenant’s requirements. Peregrine Relocations conducted an extensive interview with each household at the beginning of the project to determine what time of housing (temporary or permanent) would best serve them, and worked on creative solutions to individual challenges tenants faced during the project.