Tenant Stories

"It was so simple, it was just a blink. They were so kind and it was so simple. It was just a blessing. Afterwards, the packers helped with artwork, except for the ones you wanted to do yourself for a new look. The new heater was a pleasant surprise when I got back. You put your hand on the controls and get any heat you want. I am really very pleased with this apartment. *When I found out about the move, there was a lot of things I wanted to get rid of... things I didn’t need. My best advice is don’t edit when you pack. Edit before!"

— Marlene Corbett
Tenant, Westmoreland's Union Manor

We're very proud of the personal approach we take with each tenant. When we meet for our initial interview, you’ll learn how the relocation process works and what to expect. We’ll talk with you about packing your apartment, your relocation, and the schedule for your return.

We are thankful to be able to share stories and advice from tenants who have already packed up, relocated and returned home. You may find that someone else has already experienced some of the concerns you have and, in reading through the tenant stories below, can find out how they were addressed by someone in the same situation! There’s also some good advice here, too, which we have marked with an asterisk.