Isaka Shamsud-Din

Location: 1420 NE Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97211

Dates: Fall 2020 – March 2023

Status: Completed

The Isaka Shamsud-Din building was built as part of Sabin CDC’s Harvey Rice Heritage project. Estates Plaza, a 9-unit, income-restricted building in the Vernon neighborhood was torn down and replaced with 29 units in total; 9 Project-Based Section 8 units, and 20 Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) units.

Peregrine Relocations found market rate housing for the 6 remaining households at Estates Plaza, assisted tenants with rental applications, then packed and moved them to their temporary housing. The relocations exceeded 12 months, so at the one-year mark, each resident still in temporary relocation was issued with a Notice of Eligibility for permanent relocation assistance and given the option to accept permanent relocation assistance or to voluntarily extend their temporary relocation. One tenant elected to accept permanent relocation assistance and moved to an apartment of their choosing outside of Sabin CDC properties. Peregrine moved one tenant to another building within Sabin CDC’s portfolio, and moved the remaining 4 households to their new, reserved units at Isaka Shamsud-Din.

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