What To Expect On Your Move

You may have a lot of questions about your temporary relocation. We are here to help you through the entire process, and take away the stress from packing and moving. Our team will meet with you, and work with you, to customize a plan to house you and your possessions in safety and comfort through your relocation. We have experience with a variety of housing situations, hard-to-pack items, mobility challenges, health issues and pets.

Let Peregrine Relocations do the heavy lifting!

An Overview of the Relocation Process

  • Group meeting/Introduction: Usually before any details are set, we have an all-tenant meeting where the project and the team get introduced to the residents of the building to be remodeled.
  • Personal Interview: Around a month prior to your move, we will meet with you to discuss and document your needs and preferences, and answer any questions you have
  • Confirmation Meeting: One to two weeks before your move, we will review the details of your relocation plan, including your packing and moving schedule.
  • Packing Day: On your designated packing day, our packers will knock on your door, with supplies in hand to pack your items for storage and your temporary stay away from home.
  • Moving Day: A member of our team will help you collect the things you’d like with you during your relocation, and coordinate your transportation to your temporary home. Someone will meet you there, and help you get settled in.
  • During Relocation: We will arrange regular check-ins, and ensure you have our number in case you need anything.
  • Moving Home: One of our team will assist you in packing up your temporary lodgings, and coordinating your transportation home. Our movers will bring your things home, and packers will help get you unpacked as much or as little as you would like.