Marshall Union Manor

Location: 2020 NW Northrup St, Portland, OR 97209

Dates: December 2022 – September 2023

Status: Current

Marshall Union Manor is a 12 story building built in 1974, with 242 total apartments. These apartments are restricted to very low income residents at least 62 years of age, and provide subsidized rent fixed at 30% of the resident’s income through HUD’s Section 8 program. 13 units at Marshall Union Manor are being rehabilitated to bring them up to current ADA standards. 12 of the units are occupied, requiring tenant relocations of approximately 6 weeks per unit.

Peregrine Relocations has provided relocation support for tenants, housing them in residential hotels within a mile of their building. A large portion of the tenant population speaks Mandarin primarily, and it was important to many to be relocated within walking distance of the building and their community. Peregrine has provided packing, moving, and storage for their belongings, as well as help unpacking and reorganizing. Peregrine Relocations has cleared units on schedule or earlier to keep construction moving along.

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